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Texas Queensland Australia • TEXAS.org.au

Welcome to Texas, Queensland

Be inspired by the vast space and rolling landscape, the be welcomed into the towns main street, full of history and character.

Take a country drive & Pack a picnic

Texas has many easy drives next to the Dumeresque River, with historic bridges & river crossings. All have a small grassy verge for a rest stop.

Explore Our Past

Texas is full of historic buildings and stories from the past. Discover a time warp of history, still standing today.

Turn Back Time...

The Texas Rabbit works offers a fascinating journey back in time to discover what life was like working in a rabbit processing plant in the 1900’s

Welcome to Texas, Queensland!

Perched on the banks of the peaceful Dumaresq River, is the beautiful town of Texas. You will find excellent fishing, great camping spots and the serenity of rural landscapes.

The picturesque Dumaresq River is one of the star attractions of the western country, it winds through gentle hills and rocks, crossed by the historic weirs of Bonshaw, Cunningham and Glenarbon. The fertile river flats are dotted with old tobacco barn relics from a colourful past where grape vines now flourish alongside orchards, vegetables, peanuts and a myriad of other agricultural crops.

How can we help?

Texas Country Music FESTIVAL

Days of action packed country music to enjoy. This event is held during September each year.


Texas 4385

Explore everything Texas has to offer, why not stay a while!


Texas Rabbit Works

Discover a time long gone, and a revolution in industry and progress for Texas!


Texas is RV Friendly

We support freedom of choice when camping overnight and believe that RV travellers should have access to low cost and commercial options in their travels.



We are a local organisation of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses in our town. We advocate on behalf of the Texas business community.


Motor Cycle Friendly

A motorcycle friendly town is one which universally welcomes & embraces motorcyclists. This includes businesses & the wider community… We are proud to be a Motorcycle Friendly Town!


The beautiful water and wilderness areas of Texas invite canoeing, fishing, hiking, four wheel driving activities and picnicking.

For after a more relaxed experience there are the wineries to visit, camping areas, farm stays & craft shops

The Texas Heritage Centre and Museum, and the historic Texas Rabbit Factory are a fascinating look into our past. You can’t go wrong just relaxing by our beautiful river, especially later in the afternoon, with a local wine and some regional produce.
We are Motor Bike and RV Friendly. .

Texas Qld Inc is a local community based organisation with three aims. We are a voice for our local businesses and aim to work with Council and promote local businesses.

The Rabbit Processing Works is an amazing tourism destination no to bee missed

Each September we host the Texas Country Music Roundup – drawing a large number of tourists to the community.

… And in December we organise a street fair to celebrate a great year!  There is something on nearly every weekend in Texas or in the surrounding areas, and it’s pretty hard to keep up, so follow us on Facebook.